Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Gear Bakery 1.41. A Port of Dr. Rainer Hessmer's Involute Spur Gear Builder

I ported Dr. Rainer Hessmer's excellent Involute Spur Gear Builder to C++/Windows 64.

I modified the DXF export to be more friendly to Autodesk's Inventor.

Gear Bakery generates regular gears, internal gears and rack and pinions.

Export to DXF or directly to Inventor.

1.2 support up to 250 teeth.
1.3 fix round off issue causing CSG elements not to be closed.
1.4 Added save for parameters (GearBakery.ini).  Reloaded at startup  More fixes for CSG roundoff errors.
1.41 More fixes for stability.

Get it here

After importing into Inventor, the gears should look like this:

You can then extrude as needed.


Reverend Samuel Griffith said...

Thank you so much for porting this tool, it is such a joy to use compared to anything Autodesk ever came up with.

Anonymous said...

Hi Doug,

It looks like you made a great stand alone Spur Gear Builder, however, the link does not work.
Would it be possible for you to update to a working link.


Doug Rogers said...

The link should work now.

Devin said...

Been looking for something like this for a while, works great! I was able to import a DXF of an internal gear set into SolidWorks and it extrudes beautifully. Many thank to you and Dr. Hessmer.

Radek Kierzek said...

I need this magnificent tool with 32bit verion.
It is possible?

Didier from La Rochelle said...

Thank you Dr, it's a great works!

Unknown said...

I'm trying to design an internal ring setup where the internal ring has a pitch circle dia. of 10.75" and 150 teeth mated to an external gear with 3.1" PCD and 42 teeth. I"m pretty sure I can do it with this utility, but can't quite come the the desired result. Do I need to enter any teeth counts as a negative number.

Doug Rogers said...

I need to update the project to VS 2017. I'll look into this issue when I get it running again.

Doug Rogers said...

I increased the tooth limit to 250 and posted the new version in the link.

Doug Rogers said...

@Radek Kierzek

It would take a great deal of work to recompile all the dependent libraries to 32 bit. Sorry.

Patrick Hansen said...

Hey there, i'm getting an error about a missing .dll when i attempt to start the program, and i can't for the the life of me figure out how to fix the issue.

The file is "ippi90lgc.dll"

The full System Error message reads:

"The code execution cannot proceed because ippi90lgc.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem."

Doug Rogers said...

Sorry for the dll omission. It is a new dependency. I have added a link to it above.

Doug Rogers said...

Please let me know if there are any other issues.

Patrick Hansen said...

Thank you Dough, it works perfectly now.

Tony Bullard said...

Thank you Doug for all you have put it to making this program. I get an "ERROR: Area is not closed!" message when I run the program. Any suggestions as to what I am doing wrong?

Thanks Tony

PS I can email you some screen shots if it would help.

Doug Rogers said...

@Tony Bullard
The area message occasionally occurs because of floating point roundoff in the CSG code. Please send or post the parameters you are using.

Tony Bullard said...

Thanks Doug,

" Please send or post the parameters you are using. "
I sent you the parameters 11-17-2018 in a return email message.

Doug Rogers said...

I did not get the email, unfortunately. Please send it to rogers.doug AT gmail.com

Tony Bullard said...

Sorry I didn't see the "noreply" address I sent it to.

Doug Rogers said...

I have posted an update that should address the "area is not closed" issue.

Doug Rogers said...

Another update to fix more issues that Tony provided. Thanks Tony!

Also added a save button that saves the parameters to the file GearBakery.ini. This is loaded at start up.

Tony Bullard said...

Thank you Doug. The program runs very fast with high resolution DXF output. Just what I needed to produce a quality spur gear.

Keep up the great work, Thank you!