Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Gear Bakery 2.0. A Port of Dr. Rainer Hessmer's Involute Spur Gear Builder

I ported Dr. Rainer Hessmer's excellent Involute Spur Gear Builder to C++/Windows 64.

I modified the DXF export to be more friendly to Autodesk's Inventor.

Gear Bakery generates regular gears, internal gears and rack and pinions.

Export to DXF or directly to Inventor.

Currently version 2.03
    Get this first

    Get then replace GearBakery.exe with this

1.2 support up to 250 teeth.
1.3 fix round off issue causing CSG elements not to be closed.
1.4 Added save for parameters (GearBakery.ini).  Reloaded at startup  More fixes for CSG roundoff errors.
1.41 More fixes for stability.

2.0  Mostly GUI changes.  Switch GUI to Qt.
  • Updated to add dependencies using qtdeploy
  • Added command line -f to set font size.  Example: GearBakery -f 12
  • Added file browser for writing DXF files.

2.01 Made the output window separate.
2.03 Fix backlash spinner

After importing into Inventor, the gears should look like this:

You can then extrude as needed.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

High Compression Rate Texture Mapping

I have a patent filed for High Rate Texture Compression.  It covers compressing future compressing block based compressed images using vector quantization to reduce the number of blocks.

I am granting the open source community immunity from this patent.

-Doug Rogers

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How to Derive the Near and Far Clip Plane Distances From the Projection Matrix

Here is a method to derive the near and far clip plane distances from the projection matrix. Assuming the the projection matrix is created with two entries that are calculated as:

// n = near clip plane distance
// f  = far clip plane distance

C = matrix[2][2] = (-f - n) / ( f - n);
for a column major matrix
D = matrix[2][3] = (-2 f n ) / ( f - n)

The near and far clip planes are calculated:

float n = D / (C - 1.0);
float f = D / (C + 1.0);

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Zero Decompression Time (ZDT) Texture Compression Example

I put an example of ZDT compression at  http://lightpointsoftware.com/ to compare against one of the kodak images.  The compression is 16:1 and requires almost no transcoding to DXT from the ZDT format.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

FBX Viewer 3.00 posted

I posted the source to my FBX viewer.   It has been significantly reworked to isolate the renderer from the FBX importing step.


It supports Visual Studio 2010 and Visual Studio 2012.

x86 and x64 bit builds.

FBX SDK v 2014.0 beta 2

Uses FreeImage to load texture files.

Uses DirectX 9.0 for rendering, however, since the graphics API is abstracted, other version of DirectX or OpenGL could be used.